White Roof Photo

White Roof Photo

AMVIV Print Special

You already know about the photo shoot special being offered for AMVIV. 50% off a 1 hour photo shoot and you get all of the photos! That’s a great deal!

Working with Motoringbadges, I am able to offer yet another great deal! Sure, you could have the photos printed at CostCo or Walgreens, but that’s going get you a 4×6 or 8×10. What if you want to really show off your MINI on a HUGE print that could cover an entire wall in your garage!

Motoringbadges & Toddsmods have brand new paper that they are printing too. Sticky backed so it can easily be placed on a wall. It can also be removed and moved as many times as you like. It’s great stuff and makes photos look fantastic! I’ll have some samples at AMVIV that you can check out. If you want one of your own, you will be able to have it made to practically any size for only $4.00 per square foot! That means a 12″x18″ print will cost you $6. a 3’x6′ will only cost $72!

Comment below if you need more details or find me at AMVIV to get more info and to check out a sample.