White Roof Photo

White Roof Photo

White Roof Photo at AMVIV X


White Roof Photo will be running the photo booth at AMVIV X this year! Come join us at the pool party on Saturday night to have your souvenir photo taken! We’ll have plenty of silly props available for you to use. And, don’t think carnival style photo booth, think awesome pool party backdrop photo booth. You’ll get photos that will help you remember your trip to AMVIV, whether you want to or not, for years to come!

Announcing White Roof Photo!

The latest venture to come from White Roof Radio! Finally adding photography to our list, officially, and offering it as a service, just in time for the 10th Anniversary of A MINI Vacation in Vegas! Just for AMVIV, we have special, introductory pricing to give you the chance to have some awesome photographs of your MINI in Las Vegas! Check out the packages here.

We will be digital only but working with Todd from toddsmods.com for some very cool, custom, large format prints. More details will be coming soon.

If you would like to get on the schedule for AMVIV, please contact us as soon as possible!